The Runner's Guide to the Universe

The Runner's Guide to the Universe

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Are you looking for some inspiration? If so you just found it. Thomas Spriggs was raised in southern Ohio, and has come to know hard times. From his experiences he has a message for you; life isn't about that you go through, it's about what you overcome. Using a fictional story of a young man who realizes one day that he has lost his path in life, Mr. Spriggs lays out the principles that can help you through any difficulty. In a series of short teachings written from a Christian perspective, you will come to understand the difference between someone who succeeds and someone who fails, and be given the tools to become someone who succeds. If you are among the millions who find themselves doubting they can have the life they dream of, The Runner's Guide to the Universe provides you a roadmap back to hope.a€œWhat will you do after you get your G.E.D.? Are you planning on attending college?a€ a€œI havena#39;t even considered that yet. It seems like a long way off right now.a€ a€œIt probably is. But you should think it over. It doesna#39;t have to be an overnight thing, anbsp;...

Title:The Runner's Guide to the Universe
Author:Thomas Spriggs - 2007-06-01


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