The Satanic Nurses

The Satanic Nurses

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In J.B. Miller's alternative literary universe, Virginia Woolf has a crush on William Powell, Norman Mailer provides qThe Rulesq for dating, Bridget Jones writes qThe Diary of Anais Nin, q and J.D. Salinger sends letters to young starlets inviting them to audition for the movie of qFranny.q Dave Eggers gives us qA Backbreaking Work of Incredible Thinness, q Philip Roth gets into a fight with Nathan Zuckerman, E. Annie Proulx is guilty of qVocabulary Crimes, q and we read the missing transcript of Jonathan Franzen on the Oprah Winfrey Show. We visit Frank McCourt's disturbing childhood in qAngela's Eyelashes, q we learn from David Mamet qHow It Is To Write, q and go qTrainspittingq with Irvine Welsh. Toni Morrison gets qBelabored, q P.G. Wodehouse admits that qShe's a Right Ho, Jeeves, q Mary McCarthy foils Lillian Hellman's attempted assassination of Hitler, David Foster Wallace proves an qInfinite Pest, q notes are found for J.R.R. Tolkein's abandoned opus, qThe Lord of the Strings, q and polar explorer Ernest Shackleton gets lost on the London bus system. These are just some of the forty-four witty and outrageously funny pieces that comprise The Satanic Nurses, a satiric anthology of counterfeit lit.a€œThey have an Elvis impersonator who does the service.a€ Doreen ... If Doreen hadna#39;t told the police that l was planning to kidnap her grandmother, we would have kept to our schedule. ... lmprobably for a private investigator, the car was a lime green VW Passat, but its ubiquity wherever we went clearly signified its identity.

Title:The Satanic Nurses
Author:J. B. Miller
Publisher:Macmillan - 2003-01-22


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