The Second Highest World War

The Second Highest World War

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Why is it that the face of World War II has appeared in print or film so often, but very seldom the back, the larger part? Could Hitlera€™s rise and fall be seen in India? The reader will find controversial answers in this backside story of WWII from a remote, spectacular Himalayan region. Chander, a U.S.-educated journalist, writes his memoirs at the request of his American wife, Kristi. The memoirs, which remained unpublished for decades due to the young couplea€™s accidental death, reveal that Chander as a young boy lived with his mother in a Himalayan village, while his father was fighting in WWII. Chander recounts dramatic experiences of local WWII soldiers and civilians from 1941 to 1948. The experiences are juxtaposed with his hometowna€™s Rama Lila, a famous folk play of the Ramayana epic, where Prince Rama fights the terrorist-chief Ravana. Jagriti, a girl in Chandera€™s village, introduces and, though forbidden, enacts parts of the play with him. Inspired by her, he watches the ten-night Rama Lila every year, while experiencing wara€™s reactions and other emotionally charged actions, from humorous to terroristic, in his Hindu village, Christian school, and Hindu-Christian-Muslim town.Then Shastri ji asked a student in Hindi, a€œHow many adhyayas Tulsidas wrote in the Ramayana?a€ The student couldna#39;t answer and said, a€œI dona#39;t know, Sir.a€ Then he asked another student the same question. This student said, a€œI am not sure, anbsp;...

Title:The Second Highest World War
Author:Anoop Chandola
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002


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