The Seventh Science Fiction Megapack

The Seventh Science Fiction Megapack

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qThe Seventh Science Fiction Megapackq presents a terrific mix of science fiction stories, new and old, including a Hugo Award-winning story by Lawrence Watt-Evans, a Hugo Award nominee from Mike Resnick, and classics by Arthur C. Clarke, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and many more. Almost 700 pages of great reading! Included are: ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE, by Mike Resnick A BRIEF DANCE TO THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES, by Michael Kurland GRANDPA?, by Edward M. Lerner TO ERR IS INHUMAN, by Marion Zimmer Bradley SARGASSO OF LOST STARSHIPS, by Poul Anderson THE SWORDSMEN OF VARNIS, by Geoffrey Cobbe MOON DOG, by Arthur C. Clarke WHY I LEFT HARRYa€™S ALL-NIGHT HAMBURGERS, by Lawrence Watt-Evans GALACTIC CHEST, by Clifford D. Simak PROTOTYPE, by John Gregory Betancourt THE DOORSTOP, by Reginald Bretnor THE TIME DISSOLVER, by Jerry Sohl DO UNTO OTHERS, by Damien Broderick KEEP OUT, by Fredric Brown THE CHAPTER ENDS, by Poul Anderson DO UNTO OTHERS, by Mark Clifton THE SERVANT PROBLEM, by Robert F. Young THE SLIZZERS, by Jerome Bixby AND THEN THE TOWN TOOK OFF, by Richard Wilson SPACE OPERA, by Michael R. Collings I AM TOMORROW, by Lester del Rey RIPENESS IS ALL, by Jesse Roarke DAWSON DID IT, by C.J. Henderson STARMAN'S QUEST, by Robert Silverberg THROUGH TIME a SPACE WITH FERDINAND FEGHOOT (94), by Grendel Briarton And don't forget to search this ebook store for qWildside Megapackq to see the 100+ entries in this series, covering everything from science fiction and fantasy to mysteries, westerns, ghost stories, author collections--and much, much more! (Sort by publication date to see the most recent entries.)ATTN: KINDLE READERS The Kindle versions of our Megapacks employ active tables of contents for easy navigation...please look for one before writing reviews on Amazon that complain about the lack! (They are sometimes at the ends ofanbsp;...

Title:The Seventh Science Fiction Megapack
Author:Robert Silverberg, Arthur C. Clarke, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Mike Resnick
Publisher:Wildside Press LLC - 2013-08-13


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