The Shadow Rider - A Crooked Piece of Time

The Shadow Rider - A Crooked Piece of Time

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Louis Parker travels the continent on his motorcycle, writing and blogging his adventures, though it's all a cover for his raison d'Aotre: private and corporate mechanics of the terminal variety. When his longtime friend and former agency controller, Nathan Malone, discovers there has been a hit placed on his own life, Louis must deal with the threat in his highly trained and objective manor -- extreme prejudice. Nathan and Louis uncover a deep conspiracy by the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate to assassinate the President and Vice President. The Speaker was once Nathan's boss at CIA. Now he's cleaning house ahead of a run for the White House, ridding himself of the skeletons left in the wake of his 30+ years of corruption while in the service of the United States. In his position, the Speaker has literally hundreds of potential co-conspirators in place at FBI, CIA and Secret Service, so there is no one Louis and Nathan can trust while dealing with this assassination and coup plot that's unfolding around them. With the clock ticking down, they must neutralize this devastating threat before the annihilation of the US Government happens live on international television.Louis managed to doze off and enjoyed anhourandahalf catnap when the alarm on his cell phone broke the silenceinthemotel room. He quickly got out of bed and hopped in the shower, knowing it might be a couple of days before he could take ... He wiped a SD memory card, overwriting thecontents multiple timesbefore formattingthe card, and wiping itagain. ... on theedge ofthe aluminum foil and foldeditover three times, wrapping the card neatly in the foilto protect it from scanners.

Title:The Shadow Rider - A Crooked Piece of Time
Author:Dave Dragon
Publisher:One Asterisk Publishing, LLC. - 2014-03-31


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