The Sickle's Compass: A Story of Love, War, and Alzheimer's

The Sickle's Compass: A Story of Love, War, and Alzheimer's

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When Battle of the Bulge veteran, Woody Wilson, realizes that Alzheimer's is about to ground him forever, he goes on the run. While the police, his wife of sixty years, and his only son search for him, a diabolical mystery man from Woody's past tracks him down and kidnaps him. He escapes his captor only to find himself facing an automatic life sentence in a criminal justice system gone haywire. Thrown into events he neither controls nor understands, he demonstrates in his last heroic battle the depth of his inner resolve never to fail those he loves. The Sickle's Compass, Stephen Woodfin's fourth novel, is a fast-paced legal thriller, a poignant story of threadbare yet resilient love, and a scathing indictment of America's refusal to make preparation for the coming tsunami: Alzheimer's Disease.The thing that frightened Woody Wilson the most was that he knew he had begun to forget things, not things that didna#39;t matter, ... on his old Ford truck, not the things that people attributed to the normal forgetfulness of an old man whose brain had no ... And so it was that at six oa#39;clock on a Saturday morning, when the leaves had just begun to change and the oppressive heat of summer had turned to a cool north breeze, ... PART ONE Chapter 1 When Woody turned his Ford F150 Prologue.

Title:The Sickle's Compass: A Story of Love, War, and Alzheimer's
Author:Stephen Woodfin - 2011-04-01


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