The Significance Test Controversy Revisited

The Significance Test Controversy Revisited

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The purpose of this book is not only to revisit the a€œsignificance test controversy, a€but also to provide a conceptually sounder alternative. As such, it presents a Bayesian framework for a new approach to analyzing and interpreting experimental data. It also prepares students and researchers for reporting on experimental results. Normative aspects: The main views of statistical tests are revisited and the philosophies of Fisher, Neyman-Pearson and Jeffrey are discussed in detail. Descriptive aspects: The misuses of Null Hypothesis Significance Tests are reconsidered in light of Jeffreysa€™ Bayesian conceptions concerning the role of statistical inference in experimental investigations. Prescriptive aspects: The current effect size and confidence interval reporting practices are presented and seriously questioned. Methodological aspects are carefully discussed and fiducial Bayesian methods are proposed as a more suitable alternative for reporting on experimental results. In closing, basic routine procedures regarding the means and their generalization to the most common ANOVA applications are presented and illustrated. All the calculations discussed can be easily carried out using the freeware LePAC package.A 98, 39a€“82 (1935) Fisher, R.A.: Mathematical probability in the natural sciences. Technometrics 1 ... Oxford University Press, Oxford (1990a) Fisher, R.A.: The design of experiments (reprinted 8th edition, 1966). In: Bennett, J.H. ... Oxford University Press, Oxford (1990b) Fisher, R.A.: Statistical methods and scientific inference (reprinted 3rd edition, 1973). In: Bennett ... Guidances/ucm070244.pdf. Cited 13anbsp;...

Title:The Significance Test Controversy Revisited
Author:Bruno Lecoutre, Jacques Poitevineau
Publisher:Springer - 2014-08-07


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