The Skeptic's Dictionary

The Skeptic's Dictionary

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A wealth of evidence for doubters and disbelievers qWhether it's the latest shark cartilage scam, or some new 'repressed memory' idiocy that besets you, I suggest you carry a copy of this dictionary at all times, or at least have it within reach as first aid for psychic attacks. We need all the help we can get.q -James Randi, President, James Randi Educational Foundation, qFrom alternative medicine, aliens, and psychics to the farthest shores of science and beyond, Robert Carroll presents a fascinating look at some of humanity's most strange and wonderful ideas. Refreshing and witty, both believers and unbelievers will find this compendium complete and captivating. Buy this book and feed your head!q -Clifford Pickover, author of The Stars of Heaven and Dreaming the Future qA refreshing compendium of clear thinking, a welcome and potent antidote to the reams of books on the supernatural and pseudoscientific.q -John Allen Paulos, author of Innumeracy and A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper qThis book covers an amazing range of topics and can protect many people from being scammed.q -Stephen Barrett, M.D., Featuring close to 400 definitions, arguments, and essays on topics ranging from acupuncture to zombies, The Skeptic's Dictionary is a lively, commonsense trove of detailed information on all things supernatural, occult, paranormal, and pseudoscientific. It covers such categories as alternative medicine; cryptozoology; extraterrestrials and UFOs; frauds and hoaxes; junk science; logic and perception; New Age energy; and the psychic. For the open-minded seeker, the soft or hardened skeptic, and the believing doubter, this book offers a remarkable range of information that puts to the test the best arguments of true believers.Chopra left behind conventional medicine in 1981 when Triguna convinced him that if he didna#39;t make a change hea#39;d get heart disease. Shortly after that he got ... In 1984 he met the Maharishi himself and in 1985 he became director of the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center for Stress Management in Lancaster, Massachusetts. Soon he was an international ... Scully liked the hoax so much he wrote a book based on it: Behind the Flying Saucers (1950). Scully claimed that a UFO hadanbsp;...

Title:The Skeptic's Dictionary
Author:Robert Carroll
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2011-01-11


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