The Slamming Door: Bone Cancer, Asperger's, and Loss

The Slamming Door: Bone Cancer, Asperger's, and Loss

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The Slamming Door is a true story. In September of 2008, Clarisse N. Renard was asked to move in with her cousin-in-law, who had just been diagnosed with bone his daughter, Berta. Find out how an Aspie who has learned social skills by rote, one who has earned respectable academic credentials but does not function well in many work environments, navigates a labyrinth of death, dying and loss, and how she copes with anxiety induced by travel and changes in her environment, and how she slowly, painstakingly comes to recognize the signs of hostility around her while making no apology for who she is. Read on to find out how an articulate and meticulous Aspie dealt with all of these problems and situations, and how she viewed it all. There is nothing wrong with those who are different. The problem is those who won't accept or respect them. The memoir includes photographs of points of interest in Manhattan, and other items of interest.The tie came in red also, but without the musical instruments; not so exciting. There was also a dark blue one that depicted people in opera boxes enjoying a performance; definitely of interest, as this other acquaintance conducted music, or some such thing. ... Chapter 43 Craigslist and Calligraphy Back in the winter, I 417.

Title:The Slamming Door: Bone Cancer, Asperger's, and Loss
Author:Clarisse N. Renard - 2014-04-14


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