The Smart Parent's Guide

The Smart Parent's Guide

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What to Do When You Dona€™t Know What to Do! a€œ Moms and dads need expert guidelines, especially when it comes to their kidsa€™ health. This book reveals the inside strategies I use myselfa€”Ia€™m a parent, too!a€” to avoid critical, common blunders where it matters most: in the ER, pediatrics ward, all-night pharmacy, exam room, or any other medical hot spot for kids. These tips could save your childa€™s life one day. Even tomorrow.a€ a€“Dr. Jen Making health care decisions for your child can be overwhelming in this age of instant information. Ita€™s easy to feel like you know next to nothing or way too much. Either way, you may resort to guessing instead of making smart choices. Thata€™s why the nationa€™s leading health care oversight group, The Joint Commission, joined forces with Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg on this book: to help you make the right decisions, whether youa€™re dealing with a checkup or a full-blown crisis. The Smart Parenta€™s Guide will give you the information you need to manage the pediatric health care system. Dr. Jen understands the questions parents facea€”as a mom, shea€™s faced them herself. She walks you through everything: from how to choose the best ER for kids (not adults) to when to give a kid medicine (or not to) to how pediatricians care for their own children (prepare to be surprised). Her goal is your goal: to protect the health of your children. There simply is nothing more important.Thata#39;s because lead is no longer commonly used in paint and because leaded gasolinea€”once a huge environmental contributora€”has gone the way of the dodo bird. ... Do use filtered water for cooking and drinking. About 20 ... Allow cold water to run from the spigot for two minutes before using it to make baby formula.

Title:The Smart Parent's Guide
Author:Jennifer Trachtenberg
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2010-03-16


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