The Social and the Symbolic

The Social and the Symbolic

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This book argues that communication a€“ an exchange of symbols a€“ is the essence of society and that this exchange is the foundation on which the human collective is based. It explores how the collective sense of the self is defined either with reference to, or in defiance of, dominant existing traditions. The various essays highlight the links between culture studies and the use of communication in binding together a community as also to provide a voice to the unheard and the unsung. Beginning by describing the pertinence of communication to grasping the overall substance of social reality, the volume is divided into the following three parts: - Forms of self-identity: This section looks at the emergence and construction of personal and collective identities through myths, religious idioms, stories and traditions of marginalized communities. - Grounds of work relations: Here, the contributors focus on occupations and vocations of the peasant and artisan communities of western India. - Bonds of health practices: The focus of this section is on healthcare practices and knowledge of traditional communities. The second in a three-volume series titled Communication Processes, this book will be of considerable interest to scholars of communication and media studies, oral studies as also social workers dealing with health practices.The usual Marathi term sant is purposely retained for his flexible meaning, being in particular associated with all the holy figures of the bhakti tradition, ... to PaA’A’harpI¼ur or PaA’A’haraˆ‚ (see in the section 4 of the third volume of this series the essay The Cultural and Social Scene on the Way to PaI”A’haraˆ‚). This is one of the most important tenets of Hinduism, in general. ... Gum-arabic tree: These are thorny trees that grow in the arid zones and drought-prone areas of Maharashtra.

Title:The Social and the Symbolic
Author:Bernard Bel, Jan Brouwer, Biswajit Das, Vibodh Parthasarathi, Guy Poitevin
Publisher:SAGE Publications India - 2007-03-07


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