The Soul Survivor

The Soul Survivor

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This book is inspirational and serious because it is about a real life accident and overcoming adversity. Even though those are heavy topics- it is also important for us to capture Joea€™s unique personality and sense of humor. It adds to the message we are trying to deliver. Overview a€“ and how this book is different! The purpose of Soul Survivor is to tell the real life story of Joe Townsend, who was flying one day with his family and due to mechanical failure a€“ the small plane he was piloting crashed- killing Joea€™s wife and two small daughters. Joe was critically injured and survived brain injury, a stroke, hours of surgery and months of physical and emotional pain to survive and then to thrive. Through grit and determination, he then began to rebuild a new life. This inspirational real life tale of overcoming adversity will get people to realize their own true potential. When they read this story, they will understand that if one man can overcome this kind of horrific adversity, then anything in life is possible. There are no limits.For the younger folks reading this, we did not have Craigslist back then. ... The newspaper was kind of likeawebsite with news, except it was printed on paper... oh, never mind! I called it a surfboard, but really it wasa longboard and looked more like a small boat. ... I became an expert at fiberglass repair and atwaxing the board downwith paraffin wax so that my bare feet would not slip onthe wet fiberglassanbsp;...

Title:The Soul Survivor
Author:Joe Townsend, Shawn Doyle CSP
Publisher:Destiny Image Publishers - 2011-08-16


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