The Star Fox

The Star Fox

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An intergalactic privateer resolves to rescue a human space colony taken captive by alien aggressors An outpost located at the edge of the galaxy, New Europe has been overrun by the Aleriona, a hostile alien race that resents humanitya€™s incursion into deep space. Fearing a wider war, the World Federation on Earth is hesitant to respond to the outrage, especially since the invaders claim the colonists have already been killed. But exa€“navy captain Gunnar Heim refuses to believe therea€™s no one lefta€”and hea€™s convinced that what happened to New Europe is only the beginning of the Alerionaa€™s intergalactic aggression. The cowardly Terran government refusing to act, Gunnar takes matters into his own hands. Assembling a crew of able volunteers, he prepares to pilot the spaceship Star Fox and confront a relentless foe light years from Earth. Nominated for the Nebula Award, The Star Fox is a magnificent space opera adventure that confirms Poul Andersona€™s standing as one of the premier science fiction authors of the twentieth centurya€”not only a contemporary of such luminaries as Asimov, Heinlein, Herbert, and Clarke, but every bit their equal.Heim sat down and riffled through the manual of operations. a#39;Here, for instance. The C.E. ... The more carefully that job is done, the nearer Sol we can go FTL.a#39; a#39; Aye, aye, sir. ... Slowly, smoothly, with a deep purr felt less within the ears than the bones, Fox II slipped her moorings to Earth and departed orbit. Heim stood on theanbsp;...

Title:The Star Fox
Author:Poul Anderson
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2015-11-24


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