The Struggle to Be Strong

The Struggle to Be Strong

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Jamel loses his friends to marijuana; Artiqua dates a boy of another race despite her familya€™s opposition. Youniqiue was abandoned by her mother; Charlene is raising her brothers and sisters because their mother is addicted to drugs; Craig is gay and worried about coming out. All of these teens have more than their share of troubles. And all have the resiliency needed to face them, live through them, and move forward with courage, confidence, and hope. In 30 first-person accounts, teens tell how they overcame major life obstacles. Many arena€™t the everyday problems most kids encounter, which makes their stories especially compellinga€”and their successes especially inspiring. As teens read The Struggle to Be Strong, they discover theya€™re not alone in facing lifea€™s difficulties. They learn about seven resilienciesa€”insight, independence, relationships, initiative, creativity, humor, and moralitya€”that everyone needs to survive and thrive in even the toughest times. Vivid, articulate, and candid, this book will motivate readers of all ages to build the skills and strengths they need to triumph over adversity.It was hard to concentrate, but I tried following their instructions as much as I could. I cooked the macaroni first and left it on the ... eating a bowl of cereal one morning when. Aurora Breville was nineteen, 72 THE STRUGGLE TO BE STRONG.

Title:The Struggle to Be Strong
Author:Al Desetta, Sybil Wolin
Publisher:Free Spirit Publishing - 2000-01-15


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