The Study of Language

The Study of Language

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This best-selling textbook provides an engaging and user-friendly introduction to the study of language. Assuming no prior knowledge in the subject, Yule presents information in short, bite-sized sections, introducing the major concepts in language study a€“ from how children learn language to why men and women speak differently, through all the key elements of language. This fourth edition has been revised and updated with twenty new sections, covering new accounts of language origins, the key properties of language, text messaging, kinship terms and more than twenty new word etymologies. To increase student engagement with the text, Yule has also included more than fifty new tasks, including thirty involving data analysis, enabling students to apply what they have learned. The online study guide offers students further resources when working on the tasks, while encouraging lively and proactive learning. This is the most fundamental and easy-to-use introduction to the study of language.Not only did the word hoover (without a capital letter) become as familiar as vacuum cleaner all over the world, but in Britain, people still talk about hoovering (and not spanglering) their carpets. ... That is, we can very quickly understand a new word in our language (a neologism) and accept the use of different forms of that new word. ... a€œtasteless innovationa€ of a word like handbook, or the horror expressed by a London newspaper in1909 over theuse of thenewly coined word aviation.

Title:The Study of Language
Author:George Yule
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2010-03-04


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