The Subconscious Looking Below the Surface of a Man

The Subconscious Looking Below the Surface of a Man

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The book The Subconscious, looking beneath the surface a man, written by Brandon qThe Subconsciousq Johnson, is an introduction of his published spoken word. This publication of poems gives you a look at where his concepts and motivation come from. What is beneath the surface of a man who has come from the mean streets of Philadelphia but was able to overcome the gravitational pull of its temptations that bring so many males to their demise? How could he sift through trouble and end up educating teenaged males on how to deal with the same struggles? This is a book of written spoken word that will deliver some answers to the many mysteries of the origination of his thoughts and ideas. When you read the following pages of his spoken word, you will read a conglomerate of concepts that range from relationships, the point of view of teenagers to death. The many pages filled with passages contain the ingredients, elements, and the experiences that help give some of the definition to who Brandon qThe Subconsciousq is today. Read Relax and Relate to the Realness Right Now!Now is not the time to lose my religion or replace my faith with alcohol to taste, dump two double ga#39;s, and take a L to the ... in one bag now he is gone and they are sad cause dad got time not a Jacob, not a Rolex, this is not a G-shock watch.

Title:The Subconscious Looking Below the Surface of a Man
Publisher:Author House - 2013-01


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