The Suitcase of Secrets

The Suitcase of Secrets

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The journey of one woman, Patty Hart, who has decided that despite her years of physical and emotional abuse, she will no longer play the victim role and let those in her life, try and break her strong spirit. For every woman, man and child who have thought that they cannot go from trauma to triumph, this book will hopefully speak to your heart and your soul. This novel is inspired by a true story. There have been changes to names, details, and events, . This was done to protect those who also suffered at the hands of my father. My greatest hope is that once you finish this raw and revealing novel, you will have a new hope and appreciation for the fact that you have right before he went outside and took his life. She wanted to know who he had called, so she talked to the phone company. BellSouth informed Jessie my home phone number was the last number dialed that morning. a€œI just wanted you anbsp;...

Title:The Suitcase of Secrets
Author:Connie Hannah - 2012-01


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