The Sustainment Battle Staff & Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) Guide

The Sustainment Battle Staff & Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) Guide

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Since 2004, the US Army has started a revolution of reorganization and doctrine development throughout its Combat, Combat Support and especially Combat Service Support a€œlogisticsa€ organizations, known as a€œTransformation.a€ In the logistics or a€œSustainmenta€ arena, the Armya€™s concept towards supporting other units has changed from the old a€œout-stockpilea€ the enemy concept towards a system used by modern civilian distributors a€“ a€œJust-In-Timea€ sustainment, leaving planning and synchronizing throughput of commodities and support to the customer with little margin of error. To successfully accomplish this, Sustainment planners must thoroughly understand the Military Decision Making Process or a€œMDMPa€ for short. Conducting a Sustainment oriented MDMP is essential in integrating the Sustainment War Fighting Functional Area into the unita€™s plan and for ensuring a synchronized and supportable course of action. Successful integration is a result of having the right personnel, available tools, correct MDMP methodology, and synchronized timeline throughout the process. If this guide can assist logisticsa€™ planners in accomplishing this process, then it has accomplished its intent and mission.... of attached or detached forces, (Cavalry, light infantry, SOF, out-of-sector support, heavy/light mixes, etc i if required) d. ... Sustainment organization task organization (Sustainment unita#39;s capability versus supported unitsa#39; requirements) j. ... Major Replenishment Operations (MRO) that support unit refit aamp; reset. 1. ... FMT/CRT employment, locations/displacement of maintenance/repair part supply units.

Title:The Sustainment Battle Staff & Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) Guide
Author:Dr. John M. Menter, COL (Ret)
Publisher:Author House - 2009-05-28


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