The Ten Best Days of My Life

The Ten Best Days of My Life

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Twenty-nine-year-old Alexandra Dorenfield suddenly finds herself in heaven after an unfortunate encounter with a MINI Cooper. The seventha€”and highesta€”level of heaven to be exact. Her dog, Peaches, is with her; she is reunited with her beloved grandparents; she has the wardrobe of a movie star; and she lives in the house of her dreams next door to a handsome guy. This is heaven! But therea€™s a catch. Alex must prove she led a fulfilling existence by writing an essay on the ten best days of her lifea€”or she will be demoted to a lower level of heaven, where the clothes are last yeara€™s styles, the men arena€™t quite as handsome, and, worst of all, Peaches and her family wona€™t be nearby. Witty and inspiring, this divine debut novel dares to ask a material girla€”and the rest of usa€”what makes life precious.At first I thought it was the light from the sign over Cantera#39;s Deli, because thata#39;s where I was walking when the car came barreling into me, ... on earth is seeing that MINI Cooper, and then it hit me and I flew up onto the hood and thata#39;s when I saw the white light. ... I mean, Ia#39;m sure I scraped along Fairfax for half a block before Ianbsp;...

Title:The Ten Best Days of My Life
Author:Adena Halpern
Publisher:Penguin - 2008-05-27


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