The Theory of Contract Law

The Theory of Contract Law

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Although the law of contract is largely settled, there appears to be no widely-accepted comprehensive theory of its main principles and doctrines or of its normative basis. Contract law theory raises issues concerning the relation between law and morality, the role and the importance of rights, the connection between justice and economics, and the distinction between private and public law. This collection of six full-length essays, written by some of the most eminent scholars in the field, explores the general theory of contract law from a variety of theoretical perspectives. The volume addresses a wide range of issues, both methodological and substantive, in the theory and practice of contract law. While the essays build upon past theoretical contributions, they also attempt to take contract theory further and suggest promising ways to develop theory of contract law.To conclude this essay, I wish to note three limits of the public justification as I have presented it here. ... To begin, while I have tried to set out the basic structure of the common law conception of contract, I have not discussed a number ofanbsp;...

Title:The Theory of Contract Law
Author:Peter Benson
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2001-02-05


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