The Times Were a Changin'

The Times Were a Changin'

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This is a must-have anthology of the milestone speeches, manifestos, court decisions, and groundbreaking journalism of the Sixties. No other period in American history has been more liberating, more confusing, more unforgettable, and had a more direct impact on the way we navigated the profound changes that swept over the country in the following three decades. From Betty Friedan to Barry Goldwater, from the formidable presence of the Kennedy brothers to the unimaginable influence of Woodstock, Pulitzer prize-winning author Irwin Unger and journalist Debi Unger present the complexities of a volatile and tumultuous decade, while explaining how and why each significant event took place and how it shifted the country's consciousness. From the antiwar movement to the moon race, from the burgeoning counterculture to the Warren and Berger courts, and from the civil rights movement to the 1968 presidential campaign, The Times Were a Changin' will tantalize and confound readers, while inspiring and enraging them as well. The Ungers provide us with a better understanding of the strategy and maneuvering of the 1960s war games--from the Bay of Pigs to the Tet Offensive. And the pieces they have chosen help us define the current of social intolerance that plagues our country to this day. Balancing the controversial issues of the times with an even hand, the Ungers give equal time to William F. Buckley and Abbie Hoffman, Barry Goldwater and Hubert Humphrey, the Black Panthers and Martin Luther King, Jr., compiling an anthology that supplies rhyme and reason to a decade that never ceases to amaze us, endless in its capacity to be explored and understood. From the Trade Paperback edition.In early I 963, King had shifted the resources of his Atlanta-based Southern Christian Leadenship Conference to Birmingham, Alabama, a city that had ... King had been invited to bring his staff, with their skills and training in nonviolent civil disobedience, to Birmingham by the ... With permission of Intellectual Properties Management] LETTER FROM A BIRMINGHAM JAIL My dear Follow ( Ilcrgymcn.

Title:The Times Were a Changin'
Author:Debi Unger, Irwin Unger
Publisher:Crown - 2007-12-18


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