The Transportation Solution

The Transportation Solution

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The oil crisis is upon us. Shell reports that its reserves have been overstated by 20 percent, while the Saudis say they are already producing as much as they can. In the meantime, automobile use in China and India is rising rapidly, and 95 percent of U.S. transportation runs on petroleum. Though improved fuel economy, hybrids, bio-fuels, and alternate fuels will help meet ever-rising demand, they will not be enough. qThe Transportation Solution: Kicking Gasoline Dependencyq proposes an innovative, alternative solution: a system of high-speed electric trains that links with a system of urban electric vehicles. These consumer-friendly vehicles ease traffic, reduce the need for parking, greatly diminish air pollution, and provide an effective means of shifting our reliance from petroleum to electricity. If you care at all about the health of our environment and our economy, you must read qThe Transportation Solution, qThe sleeve bearings are subject to wear over a long period of use. Anti-friction bearings, if properly applied, ... The EV moves as soon as a switch is closed, causing a current of electricity to flow into the electric motor. To reverse the direction ofanbsp;...

Title:The Transportation Solution
Author:Richard Jablin
Publisher:Wheatmark Incorporated - 2005


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