The Travels of the Black Raven

The Travels of the Black Raven

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Matthew, a sophomore at Humboldt State University, wants to study abroad. He currently excels in his studies, and he feels it's time to leave the country. He one day runs to the study-abroad office on campus and asks if his school has a program for Japan. Unfortunately, the school has no program to go to the country, but they recommend him to a language program in China. Seeking freedom from boredom, Matthew, a young American college student, decides to embark on the trip of a lifetime to Xi'an. There, he has the task of learning one of the world's most difficult languages, Mandarin Chinese. Xi'an, home to some of China's most notable dynasties, is enriched with culture and beauty. Matthew's goal is to endure this language-intensive program and then flee to Japan. Before he can do this, he has to endure six months of living in Communist China. Matthew has no knowledge of China, and more importantly, he still is in the crossroad of finding his destiny. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Matthew enters China innocent and unprepared. Having a history of poor academics, his goal is to discover the art of studying and learning. Matthew leaves home, unaware of the characters he will meet and the inspiration he will gain. Matthew is in for an eye-opening experience from one of the world's greatest civilizations.I saw fish swimming in the crystal-like lake, and I thought about all the lakes in this adventure video game I used to play when I was younger called PokAcmon. We humans always imagined lakes having creatures. Besides Loch ... The seat was connected to the cable line, and the lines would guide them thirty meters across to the other side. The cable lines were high in the air, and seeing this reminded meanbsp;...

Title:The Travels of the Black Raven
Author:Matthew Quaine Thompkins
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-12


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