The True Geography of Our Country

The True Geography of Our Country

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A philosopher, architect, astronomer, and polymath, Thomas Jefferson lived at a time when geography was considered the qmother of all sciences.q Although he published only a single printed map, Jefferson was also regarded as a geographer, owing to his interest in and use of geographic and cartographic materials during his many careersa€”attorney, farmer, sometime surveyor, and regional and national politiciana€”and in his twilight years at Monticello. For roughly twenty-five years he was involved in almost all elements of the urban planning of Washington, D.C., and his surveying skills were reflected in his architectural drawings, including those of the iconic grounds of the University of Virginia. He understood maps not only as valuable for planning but as essential for future land claims and development, exploration and navigation, and continental commercial enterprise. In The True Geography of Our Country: Jeffersona€™s Cartographic Vision, Joel Kovarsky charts the importance of geography and maps as foundational for Jeffersona€™s lifelong pursuits. Although the world had already seen the Age of Exploration and the great sea voyages of Captain James Cook, Jefferson lived in a time when geography was of primary importance, prefiguring the rapid specializations of the mid- to late-nineteenth-century world. In this illustrated exploration of Jeffersona€™s passion for geographya€”including his role in planning the route followed and regions explored by Lewis and Clarka€™s Corps of Discovery, as well as other expeditions into the vast expanse of the Louisiana Purchasea€”Kovarsky reveals how geographical knowledge was essential to the manifold interests of the Sage of Monticello.See Tooleya#39;s Dictionary of Mapmakers, 1:47a€“48, and Elizabeth Baigenta#39;s entry in the online edition of the Oxford Dictionary of National ... Louisiana Purchasea€ ( see pages 54a€“66 of the pdf essay at collections/ maps/lapurchase/lapurchase.pdf). ... de la Louisiane), and the German mapmaker and publisher Johann Baptist Homann (including the heirs to his publishing house).

Title:The True Geography of Our Country
Author:Joel Kovarsky
Publisher:University of Virginia Press - 2014-07-01


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