The "TRUTH" about "FLIPPING" Foreclosure Real Estate

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There is ONE PURPOSE in reading this book. That is, to show you by actual example that it IS possible to make money Buying and Selling Real Estate, also referred to as FLIPPING, and that it is NOT what you think! You've SEEN the AD's in Print. You've seen them on TV. You've seen the Infomercial's. You've seen the YouTube Video's. You've read some of those Books AND you've probably been to one of those FREE SEMINIARS on How To Get Rich FLIPPING, and MIGHT have even been taken to the cleaners for the Big Powerhouse Program that just didn't seem to work for you. Well, it CAN be done. It's not easy, but it's not easy FLIPPING BURGERS all day either. It's takes some time and dedication to qfindq the right property, buy it right and know how to sell for the right price. ALL of the things you need to know are in this comprehensive but short book, and all written by a 43 year successful Real Estate Broker...that just Happens to also be qHonestq. This book is not written for the Harvard Graduate or the unscrupulous Slum Lord type Investor, but rather the Average Guy, Joe the Plumber type guy that doesn't mine working hard and taking some risk but would like for once for someone just to be honest about what it takes to do it.Now if you have excellent credit or financial resources, you can arrange with your bank to give you a a€œLine of Credita€ or a preapproved ... THEN once youa#39;ve paid for the house, you can then arrange for a Real Estate Loan later if you ... trees is the United States Federal Reserve Bank. ... 80% loan of $144, 000 (80% of $180k) and walking out with a $4, 000 check and having an instant $40, 000 Equity FREE.

Title:The "TRUTH" about "FLIPPING" Foreclosure Real Estate
Author:David W. Bolick
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-04-15


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