The Truth about Heroin

The Truth about Heroin

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There is currently a heroin epidemic afflicting North America, and it is not confined only to urban areas or to older, seasoned drug addicts. The latest epidemic has swamped suburban and rural areas and drawn many teens into its deadly wake. The drug can take over the lives of even first-time or casual users. Addiction makes slaves of heroin users and often leads to a life of sickness, crime, and regret. Addicts risk sacrificing everything they cherish in their lives for the drug, receiving jail time for drug-related offenses, and losing their own lives in the process. Discovering how the drug destroys the brain and body of a user, and how addiction devastates the lives it touches, can help one make the decision to avoid heroin at all costs. That is exactly what the information presented here achieves--readers will come away shaken, with a new and stark understanding of heroin's true toxicity and its utterly false and destructive allure.judgment is clouded by the overwhelming need for the drug, the addict may underestimate or ignore the risks inherent in stealing from or ... Actor, musician, and comedian Russell Brand has been honest with his fans and the public about something many celebrities ... In an essay he wrote for the British newspaper the Spectator, he admitted that he is constantly re- minded of his need for heroin, evenanbsp;...

Title:The Truth about Heroin
Author:Philip Wolny
Publisher:The Rosen Publishing Group - 2013-12-15


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