The Turnarounders and the Arbuckle Rescue (Adult Edition)

The Turnarounders and the Arbuckle Rescue (Adult Edition)

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Ever felt you knew what was about to happen? Ever had a strange feeling that you've done something before? Ralf Osborne just wants to be a normal boy but, as his twelfth birthday approaches, he starts to recognise people he's never met and know things he can't possibly know. He also suspects that the mysterious hooded man he keeps seeing is following him. He is. Why? Because Ralf Osborne is far from normal. He has lived before. Ralf and his friends are Turnarounders. They have power. And a long, long time ago, they made a solemn vow to help if ever they were needed. Soon the Turnarounders are plunged back in time to the start of the Second World War. At first, they are only concerned with getting back home, but then they uncover a plot that could alter the course of history. It's time for the Turnarounders to keep their promise... 'Fantasy Adventure for kids of all ages.' 'A packed plot that has twists, intrigue and drama throughout. Lots of action and puzzle solving...'King was such a self-satisfied little toe-rag and he knew exactly how to make Ralf feel small. What he wouldna#39;t give to see that ... He was already dumping his gas mask box and satchel at the base of a tree. a#39;Split up?a#39; said Alfie, resigned. a#39;Yeahanbsp;...

Title:The Turnarounders and the Arbuckle Rescue (Adult Edition)
Author:Lou Heneghan - 2014-04-02


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