The Tyranny of Relativism

The Tyranny of Relativism

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The Tyranny of Relativism is an impassioned attempt by one of England's most distinguished critics to capture the feel of British culture at the end of the twentieth century: its moods, attitudes, and institutions. Richard Hoggart presents a double argument, suggesting first that cultural dilemmas stem from a long slide towards moral relativism, as consumerism rather than authority increasingly determines the texture of life; and secondly, that despite its claims to the contrary, British Conservative governments have exploited these changes to their own ends. Blunt and forthright, humorous and humane, Hoggart supports his themes by analyzing particular forms of change--in education at all levels, in the arts, mass and popular entertainment, in broadcasting, in the use of language, and in the uncertain base of qcultural studiesq themselves. But he also shows how some social forces have worked against this monumental process: old-style checks and balances, the resistance of class sentiments, the uneasy sense of lost values. But in this series of cultural struggles, the intellectuals are noteworthy by their absence. The great merit of qThe Tyranny of Relativism qis its resistance to platitudes, and its fearless probing of thorny questions that go to the heart of Western cultural traditions for a new age. When Hoggart concludes by asking qwhere do we go nowq no one should expect complacency. In qThe Tyranny of Relativism, qHoggart makes the reader appreciate the silent complicity of the intellectual class for the cultural rot of relativism characteristic of western culture today. The book is must reading for those engaged in cultural studies, European politics, literary criticism, and the sociology of knowledge.Culture and Politics in Contemporary English Society Richard Hoggart ... Some will accept no judgments of value between works long recognised as of sustained and continuing merit and the latest ephemera in the popular magazines, between a a#39;classica#39; symphony and the latest pop song. To devote an essay to a comparison between Conrada#39;s Heart of Darkness and Burroughsa#39; Tarzan of the Apes without raising the question of level is largely futile, playing around in the shallows.

Title:The Tyranny of Relativism
Author:Richard Hoggart
Publisher:Transaction Publishers -


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