The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass

The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass

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As the owner of one of the world's most elaborate sea glass collections, Mary Beth Beuke gets to talk about these prized ocean gems on a daily basis. Unfortunately, with each passing day, sea glass becomes more and more difficult to find, making the hunt more of a challenge to the seekera€”especially one with limited experience in sea glass hunting. There are several reasons why the hunt is so important to the sea glass seeker. Some find their Zen moments in the solitude and beauty of the hunt. Some collect to add color to their life. The history, mystery, and discovery of sea glass are also strong forces that draw collectors to shorelines around the world, looking for these pieces of physically and chemically weathered frosted glass. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn about and start your own collection of sea glass, the window for doing so is closing as pieces are becoming more elusive due to a growth in sea glass popularity and a decrease in recent glass bottle production. In The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass, Beuke provides information that will help first-time seekers start new collections and veteran hunters learn more about their current sets. Beuke shares her experiences in gathering her own collection via photographs of vibrant and rare pieces, as well.Not only does the Pacific show us proof of humans disposing plastic, glass, metals, and other material into the sea, buta ... I have come back from beach hikes with my arms loaded with parts from cars, an entire tricycle, large chunks of anbsp;...

Title:The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass
Author:Mary Beth Beuke
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2014-06-24


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