The Uncertain Center: Essays of Arthur C. McGill

The Uncertain Center: Essays of Arthur C. McGill

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Arthur McGill did not write very much, but what he did write is as theologically suggestive and startling today as it was when it was written in the 1960s and 1970s. He was not well known during his lifetime, but those who cared about the work of theology knew Arthur McGill. Writing during the ascendency of the qDeath of Godq theologies, McGill's words have a freshness that the more widely known theological writing of that time has lost. McGill wrote only two short books during his life, and just a handful of scattered essays, often published in obscure places. We are fortunate that Kent Dunnington has collected and introduced those essays here. The essays reveal a theologian with an uncanny and intrepid resolve to make theological claims illumine and unsettle our lives. As Stanley Hauerwas writes in his afterword to the collection, qTo read McGill is to discover a way to do theology without fear. God knows from where he came, but McGill, as the chapters in this welcome and important book demonstrate, had the ability to make theology do work so that we might better negotiate the imponderable reality we call 'our life.'qThe most obvious fact of our age is that technical knowledge and professional work constitute the best and normal mode of service. Of course, not all professional work is service in the New Testament sense, but the Christian who is called toanbsp;...

Title:The Uncertain Center: Essays of Arthur C. McGill
Author:Arthur C. McGill
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2015-08-04


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