The Universal Dictionary of Biography and Mythology

The Universal Dictionary of Biography and Mythology

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Once considered the largest and most extensive source of biographies in the English language, The Universal Dictionary of Biography and Mythology contains information on nearly every historical figure, notable name, and important subject of mythology from throughout the world prior to the 20th century. Spanning all fields of human effort-from literature and the arts to philosophy and science-and touching on topics from multiple areas of mythological study, including Norse, Greek, and Roman, this extraordinary reference guide continues to be one of the most thorough and accurate collections of biographical data ever created. Combining mythological and biographical entries into a single, comprehensive list, and incorporating a unique system of indicating pronunciation and orthography, The Universal Dictionary of Biography and Mythology offers readers an unparalleled record of historically significant identities, from the obscure and forgotten newsmakers of yesteryear to the highly celebrated shapers of history that remain influential today. Volume II (CLU-HYS) of this exquisite four-volume set includes information on such names as Clytemnestra, Constantine the Great, Charles Dickens, Stoic philosopher Euphrates, English author John Fox, Galileo, Hercules, and many more. JOSEPH THOMAS (1811-1891) also wrote A Comprehensive Medical Dictionary, various pronouncing vocabularies of biographical and geographical names, and a system of pronunciation for Lippincott's Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World.Giddings, (Salmon, ) a pioneer missionary in the Mississippi Valley, was born at Hartford, Connecticut, in 1782. He organized eleven ... Gie, de, deh zhea#39;aa#39;, (Pierre de Rohan a€” deh roa#39;oNa#39;, ) a French marshal, born in Brittany about 1450. He enjoyed the ... He was ambassador at Teheran 1863-9, and afterwards minister at Berne and Stockholm successively. In 1882 he ... His principal work is his aquot; Manualanbsp;...

Title:The Universal Dictionary of Biography and Mythology
Author:Joseph Thomas
Publisher:Cosimo, Inc. - 2010-01-01


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