The (Unofficial) Google Nexus 5 SmartPhone Book - Second Edition

The (Unofficial) Google Nexus 5 SmartPhone Book - Second Edition

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The Google-designed and LG-manufactured Nexus 5 is the first smartphone to run the Android 4.4 a€œKitKata€ operating system. If youa€™ve just bought a Nexus 5 smartphone, or youa€™re thinking about buying one, you should read this book. The ethos of the book is very much a€œWhat the Nexus 5 can do for you!a€, and ita€™s an unofficial book because we have not colluded with the manufacturers (Google or LG) during the writing of the we can say pretty much whatever we want. And if we say we like it, ita€™s because we really do. But wea€™re no a€œfan-boysa€, so we dona€™t mind giving a warts a€˜na€™ all coverage where ita€™s warranted. So whether you're so-far undecided, or have already purchased your Nexus this book! And look out for similar books at CONTENTS 1 - Introduction 2 a€“ About the Nexus 5 3 a€“ Getting Started 4 a€“ Interacting with the Nexus 5 5 a€“ Google Now 6 a€“ Nexus 5 as a Communication Tool 7 a€“ Nexus 5 as a Camera 8 a€“ Nexus 5 as a Media Player 9 a€“ Nexus 5 as a Sat-Nav and Map 10 a€“ Nexus 5 as Wi-Fi Hotspot (and landline replacement) 11 a€“ Nexus 5 as a Web Browser 12 a€“ Nexus 5 as Your Office 13 a€“ Nexus 5 as a Desktop Computer 14 a€“ Android Apps and the Play Store 15 a€“ Settings One More Thinga€b Now in its Second Edition, the first edition of this book attracted the following praise: a€œI gave it five stars because it is full of information that I never expected to exist.a€ a€œI found the book concise and structured in a way that made it easy for me to get the information I needed.a€ a€œEasy to read, well-illustrated, can't say much more than that. Worth the price.a€ a€œGrandsons were waiting for a help call but I could manage without them - for a change. Book is clear and very helpful indeed.a€ qA very helpful guide to get to grips with the Nexus 5.q a€œVery helpful, information in one place...Well worthwhile.a€ a€œVery useful book. Well written with lots of answers if you get stuck. Recommended for those of us who find technology rather baffling.a€The missing manual for LGa#39;s Android 4.4 KitKat phone UnofficialBooks. GOOGLE NEXUS 5 smartphone book The missing manual for LGa#39;s Android 4.4 KitKat phone second edition Copyright Ac LOTONtech Limited 2014.

Title:The (Unofficial) Google Nexus 5 SmartPhone Book - Second Edition
Publisher:LOTONtech (as - 2014-03-04


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