The Ups & Downs (plus more?) of Substitute Teaching

The Ups & Downs (plus more?) of Substitute Teaching

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This book is a product of 35 years of teaching experience by the author in all grade level which include the elementary level, high school and college level. The author would like to share her ups and downs as a teacher hoping that it will guide all teachers in dealing with situations that may come their way as they are not aware whether the day will pass with agony or triumph. What inspired the author to write this book is the persistent question made by her husband asking her: qtell Daddy what happened to my Baby in school today? And so, the author said that a 12 year old boy who was in a special education class said to her: qMrs. P., since it is only the 2 of us in this room, WHY DONT WE HAVE SEX? here is another one. When the author started taking notes of the behavior of a misbahaved student in her class...the student said to her: qIF YOU BUST ME, I WILL BUST YOU FIRSTq. More revelations will be found in the book.They did not; and so she asked them who was their teacher. These three students pointed to me from ... There are times when the teachers instructions include asking the TA and student teacher for work. The sub becomes a complete strangeranbsp;...

Title:The Ups & Downs (plus more?) of Substitute Teaching
Author:Wilhelmina Pinheiro
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2006-05-10


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