The Vault - Weapons

The Vault - Weapons

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This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 50. Chapters: .223 pistol, .44 magnum revolver, 10mm pistol, 9mm pistol, Alien blaster, Assault rifle, BB gun, Baseball bat, Bottlecap mine, Boxing gloves, Bozar, Brass knuckles, Cattle prod, Club, Combat knife, Combat shotgun, Crowbar, Deathclaw gauntlet, Desert Eagle .44, Dynamite, Fat Man, Flamer, Flare gun, Gatling laser, Gauss pistol, Gauss rifle, Grenade, Grenade launcher, Heavy incinerator, Hunting rifle, Katana, Knife, Laser pistol, Laser rifle, M199 assault rifle, M60, M Series, Machete, Mine, Minigun, Missile launcher, Molotov cocktail, Nail board, Nuclear weapons, Nuka-grenade, P90c, Plasma pistol, Plasma rifle, Plastic explosives, Police baton, Pool cue, Power fist, Pulse pistol, Pulse rifle, Railgun, Ripper, Rocket launcher, SIG-Sauer pistol, Shishkebab, Shiv, Shotgun, Shovel, Sledgehammer, Sniper rifle, Spear, Submachine gun, Super sledge, Switchblade, Tesla cannon, Throwing knife, Tommy gun, Weapon, Weapon mod, Wrench. Excerpt: .223 pistols, also called 5.56mm pistols, are weapons in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas and the cancelled Van Buren. A homemade pistol with two triggers, two red LEDs and an ammunition capacity of 5x .223 or 5.56mm round, created with a .223 hunting rifle modified and cut down to a pistol, requiring lots of skill to make. It has a bolt handle, ejection port and excellent firepower. Very rare in 2161, it was popular among the gangs around New Reno in 2241. A modified .223 pistol with only one trigger, two red LEDs on the side, a large yellow LED on the back, an ammunition capacity of 5x .223 or 5.56mm round and a motorized cylinder and crane for quicker shooting and reloading than a typical revolver instead of a normal pistol like the .223 pistol. That Gun is a unique modified .223 pistol with a higher rate of fire, the same ammunition capacity, a worn appearance with a black and grey color, the two small LEDs on the side don't work and...This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online.

Title:The Vault - Weapons
Author:Source Wikia - 2013-09


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