The Virtual Battlefield

The Virtual Battlefield

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qAll political and military conflicts now have a cyber dimension, the size and impact of which are difficult to predict. Internet-enabled propaganda, espionage, and attacks on critical infrastructure can target decision makers, weapons systems, and citizens in general, during times of peace or war. Traditional threats to national security now have a digital delivery mechanism which would increase the speed, diffusion, and power of an attack. There have been no true cyber wars to date, but cyber battles of great consequence are easy to find. This book is divided into two sections--Strategic viewpoints and Technical challenges a solutions--and highlights the growing connection between computer security and national securityq--P. 4 of cover.... architecture revolve around the key protocols and standards instantiated in the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet ... Both of these innovations pose a problem to the cyberspace community: how can one transition from the current ... Alternatively, our sun converts 3.4e38 hydrogen nuclei to helium nuclei each second.

Title:The Virtual Battlefield
Author:Christian Czosseck, Kenneth Geers
Publisher:IOS Press - 2009-01-01


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