The Wallstrip (TM) Edge

The Wallstrip (TM) Edge

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It's been often observed that anyone who invests in the stock market needs to have a very strong sense of humor....indeed; no truer words were ever spoken. And the truth is, Howard Lindzon took that observation quite literally. Indeed, Howard's creation -- -- has become just that - a total melding of humor and investing, or as the New York Times observed about Wallstrip - qIt's Squawk Box meets Saturday Night Live.q pulls in between 5 and 7 million visitors a year, and the show's rabid following includes stock market enthusiasts, venture capitalists, traders, and others who tune in to hear, see, and talk about what's happening in the markets. If you haven't been to, well, you're in for a real treat. Lindzon's parodies are priceless. And in THE WALLSTRIP EDGE, Howard captures his most unusual (but very smart) approach to how he picks winners, and you can too. In THE WALLSTRIP EDGE, Howard Lindzon shows readers how to profit from his straightforward investment philosophy -- a unique trend watching philosophy that makes such an amazing phenomenon, including how to look at trends from a different perspective, knowing when to buy a certain stock, how to hold it, and of course when to sell. It's all done using the power of the Internet and your own instincts. It's a surprisingly simple (and fun) strategy that works, and best of all, you don't need to be a financial genius to make it work for you.I do not trust myintuition about fixingthings. ... Synaptics was on fire during the early iPod boom asthey werethe suppliersofthe click wheel and touch technology . ... That didnot matter because every Apple employee involved in makingthe iPod wanted to improve the design and cutcosts sothey could sellmore iPods.

Title:The Wallstrip (TM) Edge
Author:Howard Lindzon
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-02-18


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