The Warriors of God

The Warriors of God

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This acclaimed 1992 thriller amazingly anticipated the terrorist scourge of the next decade. Now brought up to date by the author and available again as Iran defies the world by pursuing nuclear weapons, ita€™s plot may just be the stuff of tomorrowa€™s headlines. The long-simmering conflict between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran finally turns hot with an act of terrorism against a U.S. navy ship in the Persian Gulf. American military retaliation shuts down Iranian oil production, and it is war. But not the war wea€™ve known in the past. Not the war of armies, ships, and planes. No, the war wea€™ve come to know today. The war of the weak against the strong. War in the shadows. With battles aimed not at the destroying the enemya€™s armies, but bent on making headlines. A handpicked team of elite Iranian commandos are silently making their way to the United States. To Washington D.C. Their target is the President of the United States. In the White House. Major Ali Khurbasi of the Iranian Army leads the assault team. Tough, experienced, American-educated and ready to die for a mission whose wisdom he secretly doubts. Former Marine officer Richard Welsh is the Pentagon liaison to the FBI investigation that begins once it is clear that some violent force has landed on our shores. It is a headlong race as the Iranians fight to reach their objective and the elite of Americaa€™s law enforcement and military struggle to stop them. The White House was burned by the British Army in the War of 1812, an act that shook the new American nation to its core. Could such a thing happen again? Because if the most powerful man in the world is not safe in the most famous and heavily defended building in the nation, then who of us is?Mehdi toured militarysurplus stores in the area and purchased the technical manuals for the M16 rifle, the M249 squad ... The American M240 machinegun wasnotso different from the Russian PKM they wereused to, though itwas heavier .

Title:The Warriors of God
Author:William Christie
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-04-01


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