The Way Kitchens Work

The Way Kitchens Work

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qHow does a microwave heat food?q qWhy is only one side of aluminum foil shinyqq?q andq Is it better to use cold or hot water in a garbageq qdisposal?q are among the questions answered in this guide that reveals the hidden science of the kitchen and its trappings. Profiling more than 50 common appliances and utensils, this handbook describes each item's history, reveals interesting trivia about the piece, and discusses the technology involved. In addition to featuring the original patent blueprints and photographs of the qgutsq of the culinary tools, this guide recounts quirky side stories such as the role a waffle iron played in Nike's inception and the real reason why socialite Josephine Cochran invented the dishwasher in 1886. Those whose stovetop skills are still in development will appreciate the information on the invention and use of the smoke detector and hand-held fire extinguishers.A simple juicer is found throughout Southern Asia, where street vendors sell sugar cane juice. The operator places a cane ... These juicers can be manual, operated with a long lever, or electric, with a motor that provides the power to squeeze.

Title:The Way Kitchens Work
Author:Ed Sobey
Publisher:Chicago Review Press - 2010-04-01


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