The Way to Greatness

The Way to Greatness

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Chi Sun Rheea€™s work of four volumes, The Phantom of Greatness, is a masterpiece of twentieth century epic fiction. It consists of Book One (The Phantom of Greatness), Book Two (The Way to Greatness), Book Three (The Devastation to Greatness), and Book Four (The Triumph to Greatness). When the ravaging monster Tsunami of WWII ceases, the Korean expatriate survivors of the anti-Japanese guerilla fighters return to their motherland. Among them, to everybodya€™s great surprise is Kwyunsoo and Mija with her son come home from Manchuria and the Philippines. No one at home would have expected his or her return home alive. Soon after WWII, two Superpowers of the United States and the Soviet Union cut Korea into the South and the North. Kwyunsoo dies a martyr to unify his country. Mija for a full year has been waiting for her husband, but there is no news about him. Hence, Mija, to pursue her great dream and to make a living for her son, registers at Chosun University. Following ending of WWII, Byunghong has become Chief of the Kwangju Police Station and waits for Mija to come home. Noticing that Ichiro does not return to Mija, Byunghong proposes her to marry him. However, she makes a resolution to keep her nuptial vow to Ichiro even though she loves Byunghong as much as Ichiro. Since Prof. Stewart recognizes Mijaa€™s gifted talent, he tries to open her future by sending her to America. For that reason, she goes to the Seoul American Embassy to obtain visas for her son and herself. Next morning, she wakes up from startling booming and screaming and finds out the Korean Civil War has just erupted. In a flurry, Mija with her son gets out of the hotel, wedging her way through the flooding refugees in the streets. She keeps on, bound for Seoul Station. Author Chi Sun Rhee is a retired gynecologist/obstetrician. She is the mother of two sons and a daughter and is the author of several acclaimed novels. Her desire to write this unusual history of Korea in a four-part series of books, is a dream she has had for several years. A resident of Toledo Ohio, where she resides with her husband, John, she pursues gardening as her primary avocation. keywords: Korea, History, Culture, Japanese, Invasion, Romance, Fiction, Documentary, Struggle, Education, Family, Youth, War, Korean WarThey ran to her and buried her and tried to hold wherever they could grasp on their mistressa#39;s part, and they screamed and cried out aloud, aquot;Aygo, aygo, aygo! Agassi1 Mija came! ... aquot;Leta#39;s get in the room first. It is too cold to stay outside long anbsp;...

Title:The Way to Greatness
Author:Chi Sun Rhee
Publisher:First Edition Design Pub. - 2013-05-09


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