The Winter Place

The Winter Place

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When a mysterious stranger and his brown bear show up on the same day that Axel and Tess's father dies in an accident, Axel fears he might be going crazy, especially as only he can see them. However, the strange duo are quickly forgotten when Axel and Tess are shipped off to Finland to stay with grandparents that they've never met. But when they arrive in Finland, Axel is stunned when the stranger and his bear reappear. More incredibly, the stranger tells him that his parents are lost and need help. Desperate to see his father again, and actually meet his mother, Axel follows the man and his bear, disappearing deep into the frozen wilds of northern Finland. When Tess realises that her brother has vanished she's distraught. And so begins the frantic search across snow and ice into the dark forest. But as the hours creep by and with no sign of Axel, Tess begins to wonder if her brother has ventured onto a path that she cannot follow. Delving into the timeless, fantastical world of Nordic mysticism, set against the harsh beauty of a frozen landscape, The Winter Placeis an imaginative, beautiful story of loss, love and hope, a story of family, and of a brother and sister who find each other again.a€œYou havena#39;t met these two people before, a€ the nurse boomed, her voice endlessly patient and put out all at once. a€œBut this ... So you said you just . . . you want to talk to him?a€ a€œYeah, a€ Tess said ... You can put it in that essay of yours.a€ a€œ We arena#39;tanbsp;...

Title:The Winter Place
Author:Alexander Yates
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2015-10-22


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