The Wives of Beverly Row 1 [Free]

The Wives of Beverly Row 1 [Free]

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Desperate Housewives but hotter. Sex and the City with more sex. If that sounds good to you then this startling new series from Amazon's hottest new romance author is going to leave you begging for more. This series follows the lives of five rich, suburban women who look like they have it all. Beautiful homes, rich husbands, you name it, they've got it. But look beneath the surface and you'll quickly see that all is not as perfect as it appears on Beverly Row. Holding back nothing, this story explores the deepest, darkest aspects of their sexuality and takes a look at fetishes, kinks and fantasies that could get these women into more trouble than they ever thought possible. This is the series that is for women, by women, and about women. If you have ever wondered what the woman next door is fantasizing about when her husband leaves for work in the morning, this is the series for you. It leaves no taboo unexplored, no fetish unspoken of, and no fantasy unwritten. Join us for the series that's going to have everyone talking! Beverly Row: Lust Has a New Address!She hadno choice. Shea#39;dcome into the marriage penniless. He was theowner of a design companythat created iPhone appsand cleared a hundred grand a month. He owned their house, he earned all their money, she was his trophy wife.

Title:The Wives of Beverly Row 1 [Free]
Author:Abby Weeks
Publisher:Abby Weeks - 2014-07-01


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