The Wizard of the Stove Pipe Mountains

The Wizard of the Stove Pipe Mountains

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Riccard and Rowina are on a mission to find their missing father, Ivan. Eventually, they arrive in the town of Weirdsdale, near The Stove Pipe Mountains. One of these, Vulcan occasionally emits weird lights, during which men caught outside at night disappear. Suspecting that Ivan has been captured by a€˜The Lightsa€™ they access Vulcan, finding it to be the home of Foxwald, who assures them that Ivan is not in Vulcan, but he allows them to stay and search. During Foxwald's absence, battling the forces of evil, they find their father, though he does not recognize them. Returning Foxwald is shocked to find that he himself is responsible for their missing father.We pulled upthe big blind whichAnny had let downa€”cometothink of it, thata#39;s unusual! ... Farmer Brownin return, a€œI came early apurpose on account Tomas, ofye aneedina#39; asI heeard; and these be the two younga#39;uns asbe awantina#39;his services?

Title:The Wizard of the Stove Pipe Mountains
Author:Ewart R N Jowett
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-06-15


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