The Wolves of God

The Wolves of God

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As the little steamer entered the bay of Kettletoft in the Orkneys the beach at Sanday appeared so low that the houses almost seemed to be standing in the water; and to the big, dark man leaning over the rail of the upper deck the sight of them came with a pang of mingled pain and pleasure. The scene, to his eyes, had not changed. The houses, the low shore, the flat treeless country beyond, the vast open sky, all looked exactly the same as when he left the island thirty years ago to work for the Hudson Bay Company in distant N. W. Canada. A lad of eighteen then, he was now a man of forty-eight, old for his years, and this was the home-coming he had so often dreamed about in the lonely wilderness of trees where he had spent his life. Yet his grim face wore an anxious rather than a tender expression. The return was perhaps not quite as he had pictured it. Jim Peace had not done too badly, however, in the Companya€™s service. For an islander, he would be a rich man now; he had not married, he had saved the greater part of his salary, and even in the far-away Post where he had spent so many years there had been occasional opportunities of the kind common to new, wild countries where life and law are in the making. He had not hesitated to take them. None of the big Company Posts, it was true, had come his way, nor had he risen very high in the service; in another two years his turn would have come, yet he had left of his own accord before those two years were up. His decision, judging by the strength in the features, was not due to impulse; the move had been deliberately weighed and calculated; he had renounced his opportunity after full reflection. A man with those steady eyes, with that square jaw and determined mouth, certainly did not act without good reason.... I THE WOLVES OF GOD 1 2 3 II CHINESE MAGIC 1 2 3 4 5 VI THE VALLEY OF THE BEASTS 1 2 3 VIII EGYPTIAN SORCERY 1 2 3 X THE MAN WHO FOUND OUT 1 2 3 4 5 6 XI THE EMPTY SLEEVE 1 2 3 4 5 XIV THE LANE THAT RAN EAST AND WEST 1 2 XV a€œVENGEANCE IS MINEa€ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9The next two nights, however, a warm soft rain was falling; only on the third evening could he put his little plan into ... attack, though without at first responding openlya€”even without full comprehension of its meaninga€”disturbed it even more.

Title:The Wolves of God
Author:Algernon Blackwood
Publisher:谷月社 - 2015-10-27


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