The Women of Tenacity

The Women of Tenacity

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Welcome to Tenacity! Meet the stubborn, independent women who live here and the wild, rugged men who love them. This novel includes all four of The Women of Tenacity stories. The Women of Tenacity, A Prelude - A short introduction to the sassy women and fun-loving men of the three novels who live in the fictional town of Tenacity. Heart of Clay - Strong-willed, successful and determined, Callan Matthews is the queen of organization, detail, and planning. Unfortunately, unbridled chaos runs amuck in the deep, dark places of Callan's heart as she struggles to keep a secret too painful to reveal. Easy-going cowboy Clay Matthews is a respected college professor, a favorite among family and friends, and completely baffled by his wife. He thought he knew everything there was to know about this woman. Suddenly, she's turned into a mystifying female he barely understands. Clay would give just about anything to recapture the feelings they used to share, but Callan seems to want no part of it. Will their love be strong enough to overcome loss and betrayal? Country Boy vs. City Girl - Jenna Keaton has no plans for a husband or marriage, devoting her time and energy into her career. Josh Carver is successful, handsome, charming and blissfully single. Sparks fly when the two of them meet and their attraction can't be denied. When Josh unexpectedly reveals his lifelong aspiration is to be a farmer, Jenna decides he's gone off the deep end. It's a headlong battle of stubborn will, outrageous adventures and unexpected heartbreak as the country boy takes on this city girl. Not His Type - Anna Zimmerman has spent her entire life hiding in the shadows and perfecting her status of wallflower. She is a self-declared old maid.Washed up and doomed at the ripe old age of 24 to live alone in a tiny apartment full of cats. And she really isn't all that fond of cats. Jake Chandler, a cowboy too handsome for his own good, likes his women petite, blond and outgoing. When a chance encounter brings him nose to nose with the tall librarian across the street, he discovers his type of girl might be expanding to include statuesque brunettes. First, he has to convince Anna to come out of her shell before he can prove she is the perfect woman for him.Sometimes they would go wander around Home Depot, looking at paint colors or tile, doors or windows, or fixtures like ... sheetrock was ready for interior wall repairs and he had floor plans to add a new master suite at the back of the house.

Title:The Women of Tenacity
Author:Shanna Hatfield
Publisher:Shanna Hatfield - 2011-11-28


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