The Women's Health Body Clock Diet

The Women's Health Body Clock Diet

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The Women's Health Body Clock Diet provides you with round-the-clock calorie control to finally eliminate the guesswork around dieting and the inadvertent cheating that so often sabotages good intentions. Researchers have identified four key times of the day after 11 a.m. when women's hormones cause significant fluctuations in energy and metabolism, revving it high or leaving it sluggish, triggering extreme hunger or allowing satisfaction on fewer calories. Large surveys show that women who understand their hunger cues and can tailor their eating and exercising routines to specific times of the day will lose twice as much weight as those who don't follow a weight-loss timing plan. The Women's Health Body Clock Diet offers you a 3-step plan to reprogram your metabolism for fast initial weight-loss and the tools to improve blood sugar stability for long-term body shape maintenance. The Women's Health Body Clock Diet also provides an hour-by-hour analysis of hormone-driven fluctuations in hunger and lays out a step-by-step food-based solution: an innovative mindful eating plan that helps you overcome the cravings that lead to high-calorie overeating. The 30-day meal plan offers recipes, shopping lists, and a daily exercise to-do list, virtually guaranteeing compliance and 10 or more pounds of weight-loss, mostly from the tummy and thighs.BasiCs. oF. BegiNNiNg. the. Reset. To reset your body clock, you must engage all three reset buttons. This is exactly what youa#39;ll do over the ... Phase 1 is the foundation for your body clock. ... Part III BODY CLOCK REPAIR and Maintenanceanbsp;...

Title:The Women's Health Body Clock Diet
Author:Laura Cipullo, Editors of Women's Health
Publisher:Rodale - 2015-12-22


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