The Word

The Word

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This landmark dictionary proves that English words can be traced back to the universal, original language, Biblical Hebrew. Genesis II supports a 'Mother Tongue' thesis, and the Bible also claims that Adam named the animals. This may seem difficult to accept, but then why do the translations of the following animals' names: Skunk, Gopher, Giraffe and Horse actually have corresponding meanings in Biblical Hebrew, such as: Stinker, Digger, Neck and Plower? The book features overwhelming data suggesting that the roots of all human words are universal, and that words have related synonyms and antonyms that must have been intelligently designed (perhaps by the designer of life himself!) The current hypothesis that language evolved from grunting ape-men may seem like the flat earth theory after reading this book. The 22, 000 English-Hebrew links provide surprising evidence, and open new worlds of understanding, once we consider that all of these similar words could not be coincidences.BRANCHES: It is the Hebrew root alt;W I SH-F, not the IE root kel (to be warm), which speaks to words like CHAFER, CHAFE, CHEW, and COCKCHAFER. ... CHARCOAL is aquot;probablyaquot; (read: origin unknown) from Old English charren (to turn). mn / KHARA is to kindle, burn or be angry- Numbers ... The IE root ker means heat or fire; Shipleya#39;s equivalent root [ker V) means heat or burn - seeaquot; CERAMIC.

Title:The Word
Author:Isaac E. Mozeson
Publisher:SP Books - 2001-02-01


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