The Work of the Holy Spirit

The Work of the Holy Spirit

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In this volume, originally published in English in 1900-it was translated by HENRI DE VRIES (1847-1932)-Abraham Kuyper addresses what he feels is a scarcely discussed topic among theologians and practicing Christians: the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Much had been written about Jesus and the Father, but he found very little about the Holy Spirit, whose job it is to sanctify the soul. Kuyper divides his work into three volumes. Volume One covers the work of the Holy Spirit in the Church; Volumes Two and Three cover the work of the Holy Spirit in the individual. Dutch theologian ABRAHAM KUYPER (1837?1920) was prime minister of the Netherlands from 1901 to 1905. He developed Neo-Calvinism, which emphasizes the sovereignty of Jesus over all mental pursuits and supports the idea that there exists a grace given by God to all things in order to sustain the continued unfolding of creation. Kuyper wrote a number of books including Conservatism and Orthodoxy (1870), The Social Question and the Christian Religion (1891), and Common Grace (1902).Hence, when we see our craft steering away from God, we swing the rudder the other way and compel it to turn toward ... highest good and eternal salvation, not in every creature, but in God; to use spiritual or material gifts not for ourselves, but anbsp;...

Title:The Work of the Holy Spirit
Author:Abraham Kuyper
Publisher:Cosimo, Inc. - 2007-10-01


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