The Write Thing

The Write Thing

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Matthewa€™s dream is to be a writer. Too bad hea€™s the only one who seems to see the potential in himself. During his senior year of high school, Matt is beginning to feel the pressures of his dreams closing in around him. Still, he has no idea how he should go about being a writer at all. That is, until his English teachera€”the intolerable Ms. Castroa€”informs him that he will be tutoring a sophomore by the name of Lexi Oa€™Reilly. Suddenly, Matthew finds something worth writing about. As his writing makes its way around the school, life begins throwing Matt for quite the loop. His new girlfriend has become distant, his friend Kat turns and runs at the very sight of him, and his bossa€”world-renowned author Sheldon Craiga€”is still being a total douche bag. Just when everything was beginning to fall into place, ita€™s slipping back out again and falling to pieces. Meanwhile, Matthew is simply trying to do the right thing to fix it all. The trouble is, he hasna€™t quite figured out what that is yet.I plug my ipod into the auxiliary cable that I got for christmas and begin to play my Adele playlist. I only have two playlists on my ipod at the present time: Adele and Not Adele. the car ride to school allows me time to listen to five songsa€”but onlyanbsp;...

Title:The Write Thing
Author:Anthony Ramirez
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2013-08-19


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