The WTO Case Law of 2004-5

The WTO Case Law of 2004-5

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This book brings together the 2004-2005 output of the American Law Institute (ALI) project on World Trade Organization Law. Each chapter focuses on a different dispute from the adjudicating bodies of the WTO. Each case is jointly evaluated by well known experts in trade law and international economics. ALI reporters critically review the jurisprudence of WTO adjudicating bodies and evaluate whether the ruling 'makes sense' from an economic as well as a legal point of view, and, if not, whether the problem lies in the interpretation of the law or the law itself. The studies do not always cover all issues discussed in a case, but they seek to discuss both the procedural and the substantive issues that form, in the reporters' view, the 'core' of the dispute. This paperback will be an invaluable resource for students, lecturers and practitioners of international trade law.Measures Affecting the Cross-Border Supply of Gambling and Betting Services ( DS 285) DOUGLAS A. IRWIN ... under Article XVI GATS, the relationship of that Article to Articles XIV and XVII GATS, and the parallels with Articles III, XI, and XX GATT. ... the Travel Act, and the Illegal Gambling Business Act, 1 which, according to Antigua, amounted to an effective ban on ... and argued that even if it had given such a commitment, the internal measures in question were origin neutral and ofanbsp;...

Title:The WTO Case Law of 2004-5
Author:Henrik Horn, Petros C. Mavroidis
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2008-06-19


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