Theories of Matter

Theories of Matter

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This volume contains a selection of articles on modern theoretical physics contributed by leading scientists. It is dedicated to Joseph L Birman for his prolific and outstanding contribution to the field. The topics covered are in the fields of condensed matter and solid state physics, elementary particles and quantum optics. Contents:Transient Gratings in a Disordered Medium in Four-Wave Mixing Experiments: The Possibilty for Time Evolution Observation (V M Agranovich et al.)Effect of Oxygen Insertion in YBa2CU3O6+x (M Balkanski a A Sacuto)Exciton Binding Energies in Type II Quantum Well Structures in a Magnetic Field (J Cen et al.)Scaling Properties of Supercooled Liquids and the Liquid-Glass Transition: Some Open Questions (H Z Cummins)Dynamical Symmetries and Supersymmetries for Linearized Many-Electron SystemsA Review (M Danani et al.)Can Multimetrical Symmetry Help to Explain Accidental Degeneracy in Crystals? (A Janner a M A Nusimovici)New Forms of Pure Carbon and a Possibility of Icosahedral Quasi-Crystalline Growth (R Kerner)Noise Reduction in Generalized q-Coherent States (R J McDermott a A I Solomon)The Scattering of P-Polarised Light from a Slightly Rough Perfectly Conducting One-Dimensional Surface (A A Maradudin)Polariton-Solitons and Solitary-Polaritons (O C Martin)The Pseudo-Gravity Approximation in QCD for Particles and Nuclei (Y Ne'eman)Can Light Scattering Detect Lock-In Transitions in Incommensurate Insulators? (H Poulet a R M Pick)Derivation of the Landau-Ginzburg Energy Functional by Variational Method (B Sakita)Surface Relaxation and Dynamics of Ionic Crystals (U SchrApder)Time Dependence of Exotic Coherent States (A I Solomon a J Katriel)Mistakes in Octagonal Quasicrystals (H-R Trebin)Derivation of a Polaron-Type Model for a 3He Atom Moving in Superfluid 4He (J T Vreese et al.)Does Berry's Phase Influence the Energy Spectrum of Impurities in Solids? (J Zak)The Role of the Electron-Phonon Coupling in High-Tc Superconductors (R Zeyher) Readership: Theoretical physicists. keywords:At this distance the contribution of the ladder diagrams (16) to the interference term (2) is negligible simitar to the case of ... The ladder diagrams Fig.2a correspond to the interference of the two waves incident onto the sample with the waveanbsp;...

Title:Theories of Matter
Author:Allan Solomon, M Balkanshi, H-R Trebin
Publisher: - 1994-05-05


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